Monday, December 8, 2008


OMG TODD HAS A BLOG, i have another blog that i think only one person knows about and has read, its poorly written (just like this blog), and mainly just used as a personal diary and maybe one day i will share it...but for now this is going to have to do

I apologize in advance for all the bad grammar and punctuation


It really sucks when you think alot of someone. . . even look up to them, then they go and do things that make you lose ALL the respect you had for them. . . . this has happened recently with a few people i consider friends, and dont get me wrong. . i still DO consider them friends. . . but i don't look forward to talking to them anymore and plain just don't have the same love or respect for them

I haven't told them this yet. . .  and am wondering if i even should. .  . . maybe i just shouldn't be around them for awhile. . idk

alright im done!

thanks for reading this piece of garbage. . . im sure more will come soon (thats what she said!!)