Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Skype Listy Thingy

- You are very mature for your age, and i think that you are going to have  a great and wonderful future 
- I first started talking to you cause I thought you were a "hot chick" but you are more than that, you are a Beautiful Woman with tons of talent, I look forward to working with you
- You amaze me, you can find a way to make ANYTHING work AND make money out of it. . .you are brilliant, and im glad you are one of my best friends
- You are just fucking crazy. . .and i love it
- You are an amazing individual, im so glad that i have gotten to know you so well, and my one wish for you is that you will see yourself for what you truly are. . a beautiful human being ...I LOVE YOU!
- You are a Master of the After Effects. . .im really glad i got to meet you!
- I call you to test my sound. . . you  mean nothing to me 
- You have a bright future ahead of you. . .and im really glad ive gotten to know you
- You are the biggest pervert i have ever met. . . and it suits you SO FUCKING WELL! LOVE YOU!
- I honestly dont know what to make of you
- By far the nicest person i have ever met in my life
- You are truly a delight. . .when you walk into a room it lights up
- I really enjoy being around you
- You are one giant ball of energy in a little body. . . you're awesome
- You are the biggest trouble maker i have ever met. . . .and i love it
- I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU. . . you have more talent in you pinky then i do in my whole body. . . i can't wait to see what life brings you

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back When

I wish i could go back to being a child. .. . .or at least the way a child thinks. If you think about it, life was so much easier. You Didn't have to worry about. . .LIFE

You Didn't have to worry about responsibilities, or always be wary that someone is going to try and screw you over in some way. The only thing you were worried about was wether you could go outside and play

I miss that innocence, it seems now that my life is filled with nothing but worry. . . and it doesn't look like thats going to pass anytime soon