Monday, December 8, 2008


OMG TODD HAS A BLOG, i have another blog that i think only one person knows about and has read, its poorly written (just like this blog), and mainly just used as a personal diary and maybe one day i will share it...but for now this is going to have to do

I apologize in advance for all the bad grammar and punctuation


It really sucks when you think alot of someone. . . even look up to them, then they go and do things that make you lose ALL the respect you had for them. . . . this has happened recently with a few people i consider friends, and dont get me wrong. . i still DO consider them friends. . . but i don't look forward to talking to them anymore and plain just don't have the same love or respect for them

I haven't told them this yet. . .  and am wondering if i even should. .  . . maybe i just shouldn't be around them for awhile. . idk

alright im done!

thanks for reading this piece of garbage. . . im sure more will come soon (thats what she said!!)


LittlePandaExpress said...

i learned its better to bite your tongue... i found this out the hard way... sigh :/ but wooo for blogs!

LittleRadge said...

I take it went down the drain then? :P

As to your predicament, I think the best thing to do at the moment is keep your distance from those people. It'll give you time to dwell on things, think about their good points etc. And those that have been doing wrong, will hopefully notice that you're avoiding them, and will have a think about what they may have done wrong See how you go.

Chin up dude, and go back to sleep!

AbbyTube said...

with all due respect to my fellow commenters, I'll have to disagree. I think you should kick some ass and take some names and other outrageous acts.

Barry Aldridge said...

I think it is best to avoid what some people are doing and try not to think about otherwise it would leave you more miserable.

AngelWest said...

Oh, do tell...(Their user names that is.) lol

Amanda said...

What's up with all this "that's what she said" stuff? I don't get a shit of it. Hah! xD

Me likey blogs!

ariel said...

oh toddly.
i kinda wanna say the same as the rest of the commenters, just bite your tongue and deal
but i also like abbytube's idea.
start kickin' some assssss!

Rosequirk2789 said...

Aw, I know what you mean Todd. If you really think it's important enough to tell them, than I say go for it. Because it's horrible to lose respect for someone. Honestly though, sometimes it's not even worth it.

I hope everything works out.
:-) Have fun with your other, better friends.

scareykatt said...

poorly written blog??


I'm the world's worst writer. u write

better than me.

On a serious note, world's worst writer is NAME of my blog!

SharpFinale said...

That's a shame,Todd:\

SimplyAin said...

wow, amazingly i am going going though the same thing with a slight twist added

my friend who i still consider a friend but just not the same kind of "friend", knows how everyone feel's about the way she is acting

but she just doesn't CARE. she thinks of it all good fun. if you can call cursing cops out and jumping from boy to boy fun....then yeah you are having a blast