Monday, January 5, 2009

Back When

I wish i could go back to being a child. .. . .or at least the way a child thinks. If you think about it, life was so much easier. You Didn't have to worry about. . .LIFE

You Didn't have to worry about responsibilities, or always be wary that someone is going to try and screw you over in some way. The only thing you were worried about was wether you could go outside and play

I miss that innocence, it seems now that my life is filled with nothing but worry. . . and it doesn't look like thats going to pass anytime soon


SharpFinale said...

You're supposed to be having fun in the UK right now...whatever that's bothering you, I hope it'll go soon.

Rosequirk2789 said...

:-( I feel your pain.

In all reality though, worry doesn't help anyone or anything. Just try to relax and live in the moment and appreciate where you are.

JustSal said...

If I manage to work out how to recapture the innocence of youth. I'll make sure I get you a ticket also :)

Cara__x said...

I'd love to go back to a time like that too. (: